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military watch

Military watches as the name suggests are watches that are used in the military. In the start the first kind of military watches were naval pieces that worked then. Now as the military has expanded and become more technologically advanced so is its needs with respect to time. Watches made specifically for members for the military are made that would properly serve them while on duty. They are quite different from regular watches in the materials used to make them, technology used in production, features available and durability. Aviation, navy and the other sections of the military experienced a lot of technological advances around World War II and so specialty military watches were made. The specialty military watches available are diving, pilot and then a general field watch.

Pilots Watch:

Pilots would make use of Navigator military watches, which are designed to be very accurate. The seconds hands allows the pilot to synchronize with the reference time before takeoff and then have the ability to make manual corrections to radio time signals while flying. This process would eliminate any chronometer related errors that would result in navigational errors.
After World War 2, came the Cold War era that would last quite some time. During this time the atomic bomb was created and at this time the military experienced a burst in technological advances. Watchmakers had to keep up with this demand and designed even more fancier and improved military watches.

Features available:

Night Time Illumination

In the military there are many situations where you need to be stealthy and hide in the cover of the night. Many situations come to mind and one is when you want to plan a coordinated surprise attack miles apart. In this case you would need accurate time and very good readability. To read the watch properly it needs to have good quality glow in the dark material, for low light situations and technology like H3 tritium that can work in complete darkness. , but remember this light cannot be too strong if not you will lose your cover.


Military Watches are going to be subjected to active abuse because the wearers are actively working outdoors and so they have to be strong enough to take a good beating and function perfectly. If normal field work would render the watch useless in the middle of the woods, the soldier could be in danger as in if they have to meet at a certain time at a location then they will be completely lost. Also, if you are paying so much you expect it to last a long time. Scratches would not be avoidable but the main concern is that all the functions continue to work.

Water Resistance:

Diving military watches in specific have to have a deep diving depth and capability to last in strong pressures. Their job involves diving and this means the watch will be wet and subject to salt water all the time. This also means that it needs to be rust proof as not get effected by all the salt it comes into contact with.

Tomahawks are great weapons proven by the military

A tomahawk is pretty similar to a hatchet and axe in its look and feel and does not have a curved shaft. It is way more versatile than the hatchet and the axe. It originated from the Native Americans. Originally a stone head was used but as a modern society brass and iron was added to it. The tomahawk is a powerful tool not to be looked down upon.

Tomahawks were first used by the Native Americans but their use was unlike the violent use we have for it. They considered tomahawks as special and designed and decorated them to meet that role. This was because the village chief had the tomahawk. However, they also made other “non-special” tomahawks for the rest of the village members to use in the same ways we use it now; a multipurpose tool.

The military uses it now as a multipurpose tool for close to close combat and for cases like cutting a rope and breaking doors. In these instances a tactical tomahawk is used. This is a special tomahawk designed to accomplish the above stated functions. This was first popularized by Peter Lagana during the Vietnam era when he made this in large quantities for the U.S. government to be used in the war. After the war many different people tweaked it until it is the more familiar design we have now.

The tactical tomahawk was designed to behave as a weapon with secondary features like breaking locks and breaking things. The hand to hand combat effectiveness is on point as it can be thrown at the enemies back are used to stab them. It has countless secondary uses like opening crates, breaking locks, breaking windows, popping tires and many other practical uses.

It can also be used as a good survival tool. If the zombie apocalypse ever happens this would be a good companion .I am completely serious as the U.S. government has also made a plan of what they would do if a zombie invasion swamps the country. You can chop wood for fire and to build a shelter. You kill prey for food and use it to make traps. You can use it to cut branches and trees in your way in the forest and most importantly protect yourself from those zombies!

The tactical tomahawk is engraved deep in our history for a reason. Its versatility and strength has proven it to be a very successful multipurpose tool. It is perfect for survival situations and recreational events like throwing tomahawk competitions which are very popular now days. It is a whole different sport with a dedicated fan base.

Make Sure you own a Tactical Pen

At the point when individuals hear the expression “tactical pen” surprisingly they frequently remember James Bond. James Bond utilized a few various types of these pens in his motionpictures; a pen weapon, a pen that was loaded with corrosive, and a toxin pen. Today’s tactical pens are totally diverse and considerably more functional; and are an extraordinary expansion to everybody’s survival rigging.

Today’s advanced tactical pen is a composition instrument that is likewise planned as a self-protection apparatus. It is truly simply a variety of the Kubotan, the self-preservation keychain that was imagined in the 1970′s by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota.

One end is always blunt and might be utilized to hit the attacker with obtuse energy trauma…or it could be utilized to apply weight on weight focuses to control or immediate an individual. Utilizing the blunt end will give the slightest physical harm to the assailant.

Uzi Tactical Pen


The flip side of the tactical pen is more pointed (with the goal that you can compose with it) and is considerably more viable at producing agony at pressure points. The pointy end can likewise be utilized as a cutting tool. Utilized with your thumb on the obtuse end and cutting downwards or to the sides over and over is exceptionally powerful at stifling your assailant. You can strike at the delicate extremities of the body, for example, the liver or even at the neck for a phenomenal impact.

On the off chance that you believe that you can wound somebody with any normal pen you are right…the issue emerges if your improvised weapon severs when you apply any leveraged weight or severs to your aggressor. In the event that that happens you probably won’t have a weapon and you will be left with an exceptionally furious aggressor who is loaded with adrenaline. That won’t happen with a tactical pen…most of today’s tactical pens are made of flying machine aluminum or a likewise solid metal that won’t break.

I consider these pens to be a key part of everybody’s survival apparatus. On the off chance that you are assaulted and you have one of these inside achieve you will have the capacity to battle off general assaults. These are times when the pen might be mightier than the sword!

A great aspect concerning tactical pens is; they look non-undermining and won’t be recognized by an assailant. They are tucked away in your jeans pocket, shirt pocket, coat pocket, in your check book; wherever you need.

These pens are one of the “hot” things among the self-defense and tactical swarm in light of the fact that a basic, commonplace EDC thing as unnoticeable as a composition pen can cause anybody that needs to shield themselves. As I would see it, in the event that you carry around any sort of pen in your day to day life, it ought to be one of these life sparing tactical pens. It is more than a pen…it is a fundamental piece of your survival apparatus.

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